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2023-24 Districtwide Testing Calendars

Sept 25: STAAR Performance by Student Expectation available from Reports > STAAR (General).

Aug 23: STAAR Campus-level and Student-level Item Analysis reports available fromReports > STAAR 3-8 or Reports > STAAR EOC.

Aug 23: STAAR Constructed Response images available from Reports > STAAR 3-8 or Reports > STAAR EOC.

Aug 11: STAAR 3-8 Results available at Assessments > STAAR > Results & Analysis

Aug 11: STAAR 3-8 TEA Summary Reports and Rosters available from Reports > STAAR 3-8.

Aug 1: Campus Data Packets are available at Reports > Campus Data Packets.

Jul 31: Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year are now available. Scheduling data are not yet available for teachers to access students scheduled with them.

Jul 20: Summer STAAR EOC Early results now available from Reports > STAAR EOC.